Many bloggers become overwhelmed with how to select the perfect WordPress theme for their blog. With endless options in both the free and paid themes available for WordPress users, it’s no wonder you can start to get stressed out wondering how to select just the right one for your blog. There is an easy way around this; you don’t have to get stressed out and feel overwhelmed. Here are some steps to follow when trying to select the perfect WordPress theme for your blog:

  1. Think about a theme that will compliment your content- Do a search for WordPress themes based solely on what your content will be about. Examples could be: Mom Blog, Foodie, Lifestyle, Magazine, etc. Start reviewing the results based upon your niche.
  2. Think about keeping it simple- While many bloggers want to have the frills and color variations to make their blog look pretty, it’s unnecessary and in fact can hurt your search engine optimization. Too much extra code can confuse the robots on how to index your blog properly.
  3. Think about mobile readers- Trends are showing that more and more consumers are reading websites via mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet. Make sure your WordPress theme is responsive and looks clean across all mobile devices.
  4. Don’t forget about multiple browsers- There are still people who view blogs via the computer or laptop and use various browsers. Be sure your WordPress theme functions and looks good across all browsers available to your readers.
  5. Plugin compatibility matters with all WordPress blog themes- Some free themes may not support the WordPress plugins you desire to ensure your blog is functioning properly and able to be shared across social channels. Confirm all plugins will work with your selected theme.
  6. Support availability for selected theme- Some themes will come with limited or no support. If something goes wrong it is going to be on you to pay to resolve unless you read the fine print on the WordPress themes you are comparing to ensure it includes some level of support.
  7. Think about search engine optimization- As stated above, too much code and extra fluff in the CSS file of your WordPress theme can deter search engines from indexing or re-indexing your blog content. Make sure your blog theme is SEO-friendly.
  8. Read reviews with an open mind- All WordPress blog themes will have a rating of up to five stars and written reviews by those who have used or are currently using the theme. Be sure to read the reviews with an open mind and read many before deciding on the perfect theme.

There you have it, a few tips on how to select the perfect WordPress theme for your blog. We hope that each of these tips helps assist you in choosing a theme that will entice readers to come back and allow search engine robots to index your blog properly.