To gain the much desired readership that you seek for your blog, you have to get your blog organized. You want a blog in which your readers can rely on when in search of daily inspiration, humor or other information. If you are posting one day, then leave the blog dead for a few days, only to come back and have four published posts, you will find your blog slowly dies. While everyone’s blog is unique to their niche and writing style, there are some facts that remain even across all blog sites. This article ‘best tips to get your blog organized’ is a way for us to shed light on how you can gain readership and keep it.

Tips for Getting Your Blog Organized

Create an Editorial Calendar

While you can opt to use a special calendar or blog planner, your editorial calendar doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Many use Google Sheets to have a spreadsheet template for their editorial calendar. Creating an editorial calendar helps get your blog organized in a way that keeps you productive and on task.

Use your editorial calendar to remain on point, with consistent content topics from week to week. You can have motivational Monday and work from home Wednesday. While you opt to share some humor on Friday. Whatever you determine to be the best fit for your blog, remain steadfast in being consistent with your content plan.

Proofread All Content

To gain and keep readership, you will want to ensure your blog posts are free of typos and grammatical errors. Take time to proofread everything that you put out on your blog prior to hitting that publish button. If possible, have someone else look it over too! A second pair of eyes can help catch mistakes.

Insert Relevant Images

Your potential readership will see your images first and foremost when you share your content on social media. Remember to insert relevant images with all content you publish. The best tip for your images is to also create ALT Text for them. This is easily done within  the WordPress blog media upload area. All images should be saved with rich keywords that pertain to the content you will be inserting them into.

Remove Clutter & Be Consistent

It doesn’t matter what days you choose to post, but do so on a regular basis. If you are only posting three days a week, do so every single week. Remain consistent to keep readers coming back. Also, this allows you to have fresh content being pushed out on your social media accounts.

As far as clutter goes, it may sound appealing at first to sell a lot of text or ads for your sidebar. Refrain from filling up your sidebar with too many distractions. You want readers to come visit your site for your content, not to be distracted and click off your blog to advertisers.

If you utilize each of the tips listed in this article, then you are well on your way to having your blog organized in the best possible manner. We wish you much success and hope you will share some of your own blog organizational tips by commenting below.

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