There are many mistakes one makes when monetizing their blog. After all, any business has a learning curve. Bloggers seem to attend many seminars, conferences and read thousands of pages of material covering how to monetize your blog. One could see how monetizing your blog becomes somewhat of a confusing scenario. How does one learn what works for them without falling victim to all of the how-to tutorials out there citing their method is the proven secret to monetizing blogs?

While we can’t tell you what will work for your particular blog, there is a general consensus on what won’t. Today we are going to shed light to those 5 mistakes people make when monetizing their blog as a means to help you avoid them during the challenging times of learning what will work to bring you revenue.

5 Mistakes Make when Monetizing Their Blog

Not Knowing Your Value

Stop for one moment and think about what you’re worth. Think about your audience and niche. Think about your stats. Think about the time you take to produce quality content. Think about your experience. People undervalue themselves to make a quick buck and as a result, they struggle to make more. Stop doing that! Make sure your value matches with what you have to offer your clients.

Overload on Banner Ads

Consumers have become semi-oblivious to sidebar banner ads. They just don’t click on them like they used to. Banner ads are being overused and website visitors are sick of being bombarded with an overload on banner ads. While this can prove to add a little revenue, overall you won’t see a large lead generation from banner ads.

Forgetting About Content

What is going to sell your blog most is the ability to have and write amazing content that people want to click over to read. Bloggers tend to get so caught up in trying to monetize their blog that content goes away. The key to ensuring your value set is worth anything is to maintain decent traffic stats, which stems from amazing content.

Not Building a List

Some call this a community; others call it a list. Whatever you call it, you need one! Building a list is important because it gives you a list of people who have opted in to receive your latest blog posts, products and other information pertaining to your brand. Many bloggers overlook the potential earning power a list can bring to them. Hence, they are losing out on this potential money.

Too Focused on Numbers

Let go of your traffic stats. Some bloggers won’t hit the big leagues, even with high visitor stats. The key is to have a nice group of engaged followers that you know will click over to buy or share any new sales you may have available. Loyalty and trust are two key factors and with high stats you may lose that personal connection.

When it comes to mistakes people make when trying to monetize their blog, the overall gist is that they focus too far in advance, suffer from low confidence in their abilities and neglect the theory that you must build a list to have people to market to. Monetizing your blog is important if you want to earn a bit of revenue, but don’t do it at the cost of selling your soul. Always remain true to your brand and who you are as a person.