So you want to start a blog but your startup budget is a little light. Or you’re not sure if this is something you are ready to commit to just yet. Today we will share the best free blog sites to start your blog. We want get you running without having to invest much cash up front.

Free Blog Sites - The Best Free Blog Sites to Start Your Blog

Here are the Top 5 Free Blog Sites

Not to be confused with the self-hosted version of WordPress, this is an easily customizable platform that allows you to setup a blog for free. With ease of use and the ability to select a design from an extensive list of free themes, is a valuable resource when looking to start a blog for free.


This is a Google-based blogging platform that is completely free. While it doesn’t offer as many customizations as, it is starting to catch up. It is also easy to transfer to a self-hosted plan later on. You will need to have a Google account setup in order to create a free Blogger blog. If you are seeking an easy way to monetize your free blog with Google Adsense, then Blogger is the best start.


This is sort of a mix between a blog and a social media site. It allows you to “tumble” pictures and “reblog” posts onto your own blog page. You can create your own posts as well.  It’s important to note that if you intend on turning your blog into a money-making blog, you should focus on your own content. You don’t run into any issues over copyrights and such.


This is a great place to build a community while starting a blog for free. Started in 1999, this free blog site allows you to mix a bit of social media with blogging all in one place. We would recommend using this free blog site as a way to journal about life or thoughts rather than starting to go the professional blog route.


This is the perfect free blog platform is you are looking to have your blog setup as a website because you also have items to sell or an etsy craft store, etc. If you are seeking to write a blog that will ultimately be promoting some sort of products to sell, then starting off with a free Weebly site. It will certainly allow you to expand your business by having a website with a blog in one location. Plus, you can eventually buy a domain name to direct there.

While the list could go on and on regarding free blog sites, these are the top five we recommend. They also make more sense for you as a start-up blogger. Take into consideration what each of these free blogging sites offers you. Also, consider what you are looking to do in the future, business-wise, before jumping in and starting your blog!