Summer has arrived and with that comes the need to figure out what blog topics you can write about without suffering from writers’ block. Especially, as you stare out the window of your office dreaming of being outside. While summer can bring on the desire to relax on the beach, there’s still work to be done. How do you come up with blog topic ideas when the temptation to relax is pulling you from all angles? Well today we are sharing 50 blog topic ideas for the summer writing season as a means to guide you forward this summer with fresh content that entices people to come read your stuff.

50 Blog Topic Ideas

Food/ Recipes

  1. BBQ Recipes
  2. Salad Recipes
  3. Healthy Snack Recipes
  4. How to Make your Own Popsicles
  5. Roundup of Summer Recipes
  6. Back to School Recipes


  1. Summer Road Trip Tips
  2. Travel Instagrammers to Follow
  3. Write About your Favorite Summer Destinations
  4. Camping Tips and Tricks
  5. What to do with Family on Vacation
  6. How to plan a Family Mini-Vacation
  7. How to Plan a Weekend Road Trip

Summer Camp

  1. A Day in the Life of a Camper
  2. How to Prepare Your Kids for Summer Camp
  3. When To Know if Your Child is Ready for Summer Camp

Pool/ Beach

  1. Beach Day Ideas
  2. Pool and Beach Safety Tips
  3. Proper Grooming for Bathing Suit Readiness
  4. Sun Protection Tips
  5. Best Shoes to Wear to the Beach
  6. Best Ways to Dress for the Beach

Fashion/ Beauty/ Fitness/ Health

  1. DIY Summer Beauty Products
  2. Share Your Summer Fashion Rules
  3. Weekly Fitness Post
  4. Best Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Activities/ Entertainment

  1. Summer Printable Activities
  2. New Movies to Watch This Summer
  3. How to Survive Summer Break with Kids
  4. The Ideal Summer Date for Couples
  5. Create a Summer Playlist
  6. Create “Books to Read this Summer” Post.
  7. How to Unplug and Enjoy Family this Summer
  8. Create a Summer Activities Bucket List

Summer/ Holidays

  1. Write an “on this day in history” Post
  2. Childhood Memories of Summer
  3. Write from a Child’s Perspective about Summer Break
  4. Share Poems about Summer Season
  5. Create Holiday Posts for All Summer Holidays
  6. Research “National Day of’s” & write a post on each that stick out to you.
  7. Tips to Survive Working From Home on Summer Break

Home/ DIY/ Crafts

  1. Roundup of your own favorite DIY/ Craft/ Home Projects
  2. Garden Tricks and Tips

Back to School/ End of Summer

  1. Back to School Tips and Tricks
  2. How to Prepare Kids for School When Summer Break is Over

Getting Personal with Your Community

  1. Write a Public Thank you Note to Someone Special
  2. Have a Blogging Poll to Determine Who Your Readers Are
  3. Share Some Unique Info About Yourself
  4. Feature Favorite Bloggers
  5. How to Volunteer in your Community this Summer

What are some of your favorite blog topic ideas for summer writing? Are there any special tricks you would like to share with others to help them steer clear of writer’s block during summer break?

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