The day has started and you sit down to the computer ready to start blogging. Now what? Have you figured out how to organize your day of blogging yet? The key to becoming a successful blogger is to be certain that you have your day organized for blogging productivity; today we will share how to organize your day of blogging as a means to maximize productivity.

The first tip is to work from an editorial calendar, using Webmaster Tools keyword data and research completed online for topics you wish to cover for the month. Each day have an idea of what topic you are going to write new content about. Start your day writing new content and scheduling it out for the next publication date you have set.

How to Organize your Day of Blogging

After you have worked on blog content for the day, spend about one hour on social media networks. You should already have an Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook social media profile setup for your blog. Leave ten engaging comments per social media network on posts that are similar to your blog niche. Spend the next bit of that hour scheduling your social media content for the week, use a program like HootSuite or Buffer to schedule content across all social media platforms.

Next up on organizing your day of blogging is to set aside time to leave comments on other blogs, this builds your blogging community. Spend one hour each day leaving comments on similar niche blogs, being certain to also read other comments and replying to those as a means to build some link backs to your blog and build your online reputation.

Additional tasks that you should set aside time for when learning how to organize your day of blogging are; planning for the upcoming month, thinking about national holidays and how you can use affiliate links to promote products for each holiday and reviewing your analytics to see what keywords are bringing visitors to your blog.  Designate a bit of time within your blogging day to review how well your blog is running, using tools that check the speed and load time of your blog as well as to make sure all plugins are working properly.

Last but certainly not least, for each day that you have new content, add a task to ping your blog to sites like and so that they will automatically notify search engines of your new content. No matter what you do to organize your day of blogging, each day try to learn something new. Be it something about SEO, how to properly organize your blog posts or learn more about using social media to market your blog; take time each day to also learn a new skill or marketing secret that you will implement on your next blogging day.