Your blog is solely living and breathing on the internet; each update made to your blog becomes live on the internet and plays a crucial role in gaining interaction with visitors, customers and search engines. With that being said, a blog that is live without any updates may appear to be dead by search engines, as in having no life left to it and nothing new to offer. Thankfully most bloggers update their content on a regular basis, which allows the blog to thrive as it becomes a search engines dream and allows for the robots to index fresh, relevant content on a regular basis. Search engines love new content and bloggers give it to them.

What are some other reasons as to why fresh content can influence rankings?

Fresh Content = Re-indexing

While you shouldn’t be confused in thinking fresh content will guarantee you a higher ranking in search engine results, it does help. The more often you update your blog with new content; be it articles, downloads or new pages, the more those search engines will pop in to index your blog. When the search engines visit your blog more than that one time upon creation of your blog, they are doing something called re-indexing, thus allowing for a chance to get you seen higher in search engine results.

Search engines use web crawlers, most call them bots, which are high-tech programs that are programmed to scan the internet for website content. Once the bot finds a new blog or website, it then indexes the site based upon an algorithm that each search engine company predetermines. Some information taken into consideration by the bots would be the number of incoming links to your blog, the number and type of keywords used as well as how often fresh content is available.

Each time you update your blog with a new blog post; the search engine sees this and re-indexes your blog ranking. The number one rule of thumb when creating new content for your blog is to make sure it is of high quality and you maintain high standards with what you publish on your blog. The key to this information is that your fresh content equals re-indexing and re-indexing equals a higher percentage chance that you will rank higher in search engine results.

More Content = More Keywords

Publishing fresh content means that you have more of an opportunity for bots to index your blog under more categories, thus showing up more frequently in search engine results. Keywords are a huge portion of the bots algorithm they use to index your blog and determine your ranking. Bloggers have a higher chance at building rankings up because they have a daily or consistent schedule of fresh content being published to your sites.

When you update your blog with fresh content using keyword optimization you are essentially directing the bots to index you properly based upon what keywords you hope to rank higher in. Learn to be tricky in using the same keywords in different phrases as a means to get those bots to rank you higher in the search engines for your desired keyword.

Key to Higher Rankings

While this information is meant to educate you on how bots work and why fresh content helps you to hit higher rankings on the internet, there is never a guarantee to get higher rankings. What you can do, as a blogger, is to maintain your high standards for fresh content and continue on creating keyword rich articles so that the bots will see your blog as a valid, live website that deserves higher rankings on the internet.