Case Studies

Nissan Event Series

Bloggin’ Mamas coordinated an ambassador program for the Florida Prepaid College Board to promote their open enrollment period that took place between October 15, 2017 through February 28, 2018. The campaign utilized thirty (30) select mom bloggers with 30,000 [...]


In June 2018, Bloggin’ Mamas provided event support for an LA-based event centered on introducing Eucrisa and getting feedback from local mom bloggers and media; who had a personal experience or connection with Eczema (whether it be their child or [...]

My Little Pony The Movie

In late December 2017 to early January 2018, Bloggin’ Mamas orga­nized and hosted a Giveaway Campaign to pro­mote the release of the My Little Pony Movie both digitally and on DVD/ Blu-Ray. A prize pack of MLP-branded toys and [...]


In November 2017, Blog­gin’ Mamas coordinated a social good post campaign, along with event recruitment for Lionsgate. They sought to collect shoe donations to be presented to the FOOTLOOSE Mission during a live event in LA. They were also promoting [...]