Client: Sports Betting Dime (Note: The site does not accept wagers. It is an info site.)
Things to Know:
Sports Betting Dime is creating a physically printed sports recipe book, incorporating the best recipes for sport-related meals and snacks. They are seeking submissions from 8-10 bloggers for possible inclusion in this cookbook. The recipes can be existing content already available on the blogger’s site. They would need to provide the recipe and 1-2 high resolution images to be included in the book; but would retain ownership of their work. If selected, once the book is published, the blogger would need to post about the book to their blog and one (1) social platform with a link to the book landing page. In exchange, the blogger would receive a physical copy of the book before the launch date; be credited in the book, on the website, on social media and in the national press release; have the right to include the book in their portfolio; as well as receive a stipend between $100-$125. This posting is interest-only at this time. We are seeing if enough of our mamas are interested in participating.