We’re excited to partner with NostalgiaCon, and its inaugural ‘80s pop culture convention taking place September 28 and 29 at the Anaheim Convention Center, to coordinate promotional efforts via mom/dad bloggers and social media influencers.

“With this family-friendly event, moms and dads who grew up in the ‘80s can now share their experiences with their kids. With the resurgence of ‘80s shows, movies, toys, fashion and more, this is the perfect opportunity for them to relive their childhood while still moving forward as adults,” says Bloggin’ Mamas Founder Heather Lopez. She adds,“We are excited to partner with this NostalgiaCon to promote it to parents across the country via mom and dad bloggers; and we’re looking forward to working with today’s brands who are integrating the past into their future.”

NostalgiaCon is credentialing Bloggin’ Mamas members with at least 5,000 fans/followers with a free one-day or two-day general admission pass. Those with at least 10,000 fans/followers will also receive a plus-one pass. There is also a separate social media ambassador/ correspondent program for a very limited number of influencers. Ambassadors will receive One (1) two-day VIP pass (valued at $230), a food stipend of $65 per day (maximum of $130), and a transportation stipend of a $100 flat rate (to use for Uber/Lyft, gas, etc.) Preference is for the ambassadors to live in LA or California, have 8K+ Instagram followers, and can 100% guarantee attendance. Potential ambassadors outside of California will be considered.

To apply for credentials or to be considered for the social media ambassador program, complete this form: bit.ly/nostalgiaconBMapp

The full press release can be found HERE.