Client: WumbleBaby

Things to Know:

WumbleBaby. A different sort of name from a different sort of brand for expectant mothers. WumbleBaby combines trusted, expert healthcare advice with the practical knowledge and experience of moms. It’s a unique subscription box service offering products and information that allow you to enjoy your pregnancy experience and the transition into motherhood without having to wade through a sea of confusing and questionable information. WumbleBaby. Expert pregnancy advice at your doorstep when you need it most!

WumbleBaby is seeking ten (10) mom/ parent bloggers who are pregnant, have recently given birth, write about pregnancy/ baby topics, have a family member who is pregnant or recently given birth, gifting, or subscription boxes.

Time­frame: 7/29/19-8/2/19 (Note: This is a quick-turn campaign.)

Sponsored Social Post Blog­ger Respon­si­bil­i­ties:

  1. Post on Facebook and Instagram one (1) time each, for a total of two (2) posts. Pre-written Copy & Images will be provided. Blogger may opt to add in their own personal experience into the copy. For Instagram, they may use their own image as the first image in a two-image album, if Instagram wall aesthetic is a concern.
  2. Handshake @blogginmamas and allow boosting of content.
  3. Disclose that the posts are compensated as per FTC guidelines.
  4. Paypal invoice Heather Lopez Enterprises LLC via for payment.

Blogger Compensation: $75 + $10 Boosting. (Bloggin’ Mamas has set a $10 budget per blogger to boost their posts. Bloggers do not need to boost their own posts.)

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