In addition to sponsored blog posts, we can also facilitate sponsored social media posts as well. These posts can be coordinated for Instagram, Instagram Stories, IGTV, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Snapchat. Pricing will vary on factors such as number of bloggers, number of posts, platforms to be posted to, timing, whether content is provided or must be created by the blogger, and similar parameters. We can also assist in recruiting curators for your Pinterest boards.

Sponsored Blog Posts involve compensating bloggers either with product, money, or both. These are particularly good if you have certain information that needs to get out and certain timelines you have to meet. We vet the bloggers and send them to you for approval. You can decide what types of bloggers you want us to recruit.

Influencers are beginning to shift their content creation to stories, which are short-form videos and images pieced together to create a “story” of their day. While stories disappear on both platforms within 24 hours, Instagram offers the ability for influencers to “highlight” their stories on the top of their profile so that it can be viewed for a longer period of time. Instagram also allows certain influencers with more than 10K followers to use a “swipe up” feature, which enables them to include links in their stories. We can coordinate sponsored campaigns on these platforms.

We can coordinate review campaigns, in which you send your products to bloggers in exchange for a review post on their blog or social media profiles. Please note that campaigns in which the blogger receives both product and money, or a high-value product, will generally perform better than product-only campaigns. Additionally, as per Amazon TOS, we can not require them to review on Amazon.

We can coordinate reviews of experiences like using certain apps or sites, eating at a restaurant, watching a movie, participating in an activity, and more!

This is an affordable add-on to reach a large audience; while also gaining deliverables like increased visitors to your website and social profiles. We specialize in running “Group Giveaways,” which involves just one giveaway and one prize total that is shared on several Blogs simultaneously to increase the reach and effectiveness of the giveaway.

More and more mom bloggers are expanding into offering sponsored Youtube videos as part of their services, we are also expanding into offering more Youtube video campaigns. This platform does particularly well for CPG’s, especially toys, beauty products, and food. Travel-related videos also perform well here.

Live Events Focused on Brand. We work with live events in several different ways, so the pricing may vary. Price determining factors can include items like such as recruiting for a pre-existing event or co-organizing an event together. Pricing factors also include location, number of bloggers, posting requirements, and blogger reach requirements, and similar parameters.

These kinds of events are usually conducted with food, but can be conducted with other products as well. We assist you in coordinating an event in which bloggers can try out samples of products and give feedback. We can also coordinate events with multiple products around a theme, which is perfect for an agency wishing to showcase several clients.

We can assist CVB’s, hotels, theme parks, destinations, and more to coordinate media/ press/ group trips to showcase their location. For family travel clients, we also offer additional promotion through our family travel blog and twitter chat.

We can coordinate both in-person focus groups, as well as virtual market research via surveys and also site-visits to retail locations.

We occasionally offer sponsors the opportunity to sponsor our Live Events, Meetups and Conferences. We also partner with Conferences to recruit sponsors and attendees.

We assist in recruiting bloggers to support and/ or cover charitable events via our Bloggin’ Mamas Social Good program. We also assist with promoting charitable events to potential attendees and donors. Rates for non-profit events may be discounted.

Report on Live Events, Live Blogging, Live Social Posting. We can send a blogger on our behalf, or multiple bloggers to post Live to their own blogs and social profiles. We can also offer Live posting to your blog and social media channels.

This is an online/virtual party, which takes place on Twitter. We set the date, time, and the focus; and then invite people to attend by using a specific hashtag. During the party, we engage in both discussion questions and prize questions; which are designed to drive brand messaging direct to consumers. They are great for time-sensitive campaigns, in which a lot of digital impressions are needed in a short period of time. They are also great as a primer for a sponsored post or giveaway campaign; alongside your other marketing efforts. Conversions usually take place in the weeks following the party.

Social Media is almost a necessity when it comes to your marketing plan. But, setting up and staying on top of all of the different platforms can be difficult and time consuming. Knowing which platforms to focus on, and how to target your market, can require a lot of trial and error. We are on social media every day, and we are constantly educating ourselves on platform developments and new technologies. We already have a built-in understanding of the mom and parent audiences; so we can help you keep costs down while maintaining an active presence on the right profiles. Let us handle your social media outreach so that you can focus on doing what you do best. Pricing for social media management varies based on factors such as type and number of platforms, number of posts per week, number of days per week, availability, and whether content creation (photography, video, and graphic design) is required.

This is an affordable add-on to reach a large audience; while also gaining deliverables like increased followers to your social media profiles. We specialize in running “Group Instagram Giveaways,” which involves just one giveaway and one prize total that is shared on several Instagram profiles simultaneously to increase the reach and effectiveness of the giveaway. We can also run Twitter and Facebook Giveaways on our profiles.

Need content for your social media profiles and/or blog? We can source content creators for your sites.

Campaigns that are customized to our client’s needs. They are usually long-term and utilize the same set of approved bloggers across all posts and campaign outreach activities. Results typically snowball, as there is continuous re-marketing throughout the campaign.