Project Description

Between mid-August 2018 through the end of January 2019, we were contracted by GennComm for this social media management campaign with Playmates and their Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy line. The primary platforms we were asked to focus on were Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube; with Facebook being the main platform. Twitter and Pinterest were secondary platforms which we posted to, but weren’t obligated to. We posted between 4-5 times per week on Facebook and other platforms. We also provided the graphic design services for the creatives. Additionally, we prepared weekly status update reports as well as cumulative reports when requested.

We achieved the following results during this time:
25% Facebook Page Growth.
7% Organic Facebook Engagement.
Managed Monthly Facebook Ad Spend.
12% Organic Instagram Profile Growth.
3% Organic Instagram Engagement.
Converted Instagram from Personal to Business Profile.
7% Organic Youtube Channel Growth
Re-organized Youtube channel page and playlists.
247% Organic Twitter Profile Growth.
Updated Twitter Profile Header monthly.
8400% Pinterest Profile Growth.
147 FB Posts.
108 IG Posts.
169 Tweets.
42 Pins.
15 Videos Uploaded & SEO-optimized
We created Monthly Editorial Calendars to coincide with the Marketing Plan.
We created Weekly Themes such as #TurtleTuesday Turtle Fact.
We increased push to join Sewer Squad.
Promoted Toy Fair Toy of the Year Vote.
Shared User Generated Content(UGC).
Ran weekly giveaways.

Group Giveaway: Thirteen (13) Blog­ posts with Social Media Ampli­fi­ca­tion via mom bloggers.
24,631 Entries.
298 Unique Entrants.
240 Facebook Visits.
111 Twitter Followers.
144 Blog post comments.
305 Non-sponsored Tweets tagging @TMNTPlay twitter profile & campaign hashtags.
64 Sign-ups for Sewer Squad/ Pizza Points.
73 Subscribers to Youtube.
85 Followers on Pinterest.