Project Description

In late December 2017 to early January 2018, Bloggin’ Mamas orga­nized and hosted a Giveaway Campaign to pro­mote the release of the My Little Pony Movie both digitally and on DVD/ Blu-Ray. A prize pack of MLP-branded toys and other items, along with a Snip-Its hair care pack, were offered as prizes. Heather Lopez used a tutorial to re-create a pony hairstyle provided by the client, and this tutorial was cross-posted to multiple blogs. The hashtags #PonyTailTuesday and #MyLittlePonyMovie were used to track social posts.

We achieved the following results for the sponsor during the campaign:
Twenty-Eight (28) Blog ­post Mentions on High Traffic Blogs with Links to Sponsor Website, and Social Amplification of Giveaway. (3 more than contracted for).
27,029 Entries.
981 Unique Entrants.
820 FB Visits to MLP page.
522 Twitter Followers to MLP profile.
544 Non-sponsored Tweets Related to the MLP Giveaway.
989 Blogpost Comments Related to the MLP Giveaway.