Project Description

In December 2018, Blog­gin’ Mamas orga­nized and hosted a Twit­ter Party to build brand awareness of EyeBuyDirect’s new holiday collection. We uti­lized the #ItsHowYouFrameIt hash­tag. EyeBuyDirect provided gift codes as prizes. This party was the second part of a three-campaign package.

We achieved the following results during the party (note: tweets, impressions, and reach prior to party are not included):
57,482,043 Time­line Deliveries/Impressions during the afternoon of the party.
1,548,849 Reach.
Eight (8) Pre-Chat Blog­ posts with Social Media Ampli­fi­ca­tion.
1,834 Tweets with EBD Branded hashtag.
89.15% of Tweets were @Mentions or RT’s= High Engagement Rate.
131 Tweets with Media (Pictures/ Videos)
100 Con­trib­u­tors.
59 RSVP’s.
11 Clicks to the main page of
36 Clicks to the Eyeglasses page on
10 Clicks to the Online Prescription Eyeglass Buying Guide page on (Last Report was 29 + 10= 39)
101 Clicks to the blogpost on
27 Clicks to the EBD-branded Prize Claim form
61 Clicks to the EBD Holiday Collection on