It’s a new year, and a new chance to make things happen. For some reason, this year already feels like it’s going to be amazing! In the spirit of growth & change, we wanted to set-up some goals for our community to both show our commitment to it and for it to hold us accountable.

All goals need to have a driving force behind it. This is sort of like a resolution, but for a community it’s more like our mission.  Bloggin’ Mamas’s mission is to connect and support mom bloggers, both locally and nationally, so that they may be able to monetize their influence and live what they love.

Through the years, we expanded into actually managing and overseeing paid campaigns, to further support our mission. However, in doing so, we lost some of our supportive community focus. We’re not just a blogger or influencer network, built on software offering up paid opps. We’re a blogger-run community, with no one to answer to but ourselves. We may not have the fancy software to track campaigns, and we don’t have as many campaigns as others, but we can assure you that we put our members first. Paid campaigns should just be a bonus, not the entire reason a blogger joins us.

That’s why we have the following goals this year:

  • Expand our local chapters to include at least 10 new locations throughout the US.
  • Work with local chapter managers to build local committees to plan and organize meet-ups, while also offering connection within the chapter online.
  • Provide free trainings and support via our new national Bloggin’ Mamas Facebook group, centered on monthly themes.
  • Allow chapter managers and members to “takeover” our social media platforms throughout the year, so that we may gain new perspectives from different local communities and also strengthen our bonds on a national level.
  • Offer informative articles directed at bloggers, at least twice a month.
  • Provide additional avenues of monetizing beyond one-time campaigns as a blogger.
  • Offer more ways in which members can participate in building and growing Bloggin’ Mamas.
  • Explore merchandising/ promotional items (shirts, stickers, cups, banners, etc.) to help build more of a community feel amongst the members; and to legitimize the chapters when coordinating meetups.

Of course, there will always be some more things we can work on, but for now, these are the things we want to tackle. What are your thoughts about our goals? Do they sound like things you’d want to get behind? Is there anything else that you feel would help build the community? Comment below.