Client: AutoPets Pet-Tech: The Litter-Robot

Things to Know:

The Litter-Robot is an automatic self-cleaning litter box. Its patented sifting system automatically separates waste from clean litter, so you never have to scoop litter again!
Every Litter-Robot is backed by a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 18-Month Warranty.

Timeframe: October 2017

Blogger Responsibilities:

  1. Write a minimum of one (1) sponsored review blog post adhering to the brand guidelines provided by the client. Post is required to be 300 words or more in length, contain at least one active hyperlink to the product website, the giveaway widget, two (2) product images and one (1) video demonstrating the product. (Video can be the one provided by the client or created by the blogger.)
  2. Amplify the giveaway at least three (3) times weekly via either FB, Twitter or Instagram.
  3. Disclose that the posts are compensated as per FTC guidelines.
  4. Report links to Heather Lopez Enterprises LLC.

Blogger Compensation: One (1) Pet-Tech: The Litter Robot ($449 product)  per blogger x 10 bloggers. Blogger will also receive two (2) links in the giveaway widget.

Bloggers will be selected and notified by 9/29/17.

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