Bloggin’ Mamas speaks the language of mom bloggers,

because we were founded and continue to be run by mom bloggers. It’s simple, moms listen to other moms. It’s something that dates back to the first opportunity a mom shared with another mom. The only thing that has changed is the technology available to do so. Blogging and social media takes Word Of Mouth, and brings it into the digital age.

  • 90% of moms are online.
  • 81% of moms trust the word of a mom blogger over traditional advertisements.
  • 89% of moms identify themselves as the primary household consumer.

Founded in 2010, Bloggin’ Mamas was one of the first mom blogger networks. And the first to create several local chapters of mom bloggers, with their own managers throughout the US. We were one of the first to recognize that blogging would be a new industry, and that so-called “mommy bloggers,” would someday be seen alongside well-respected journalists and celebrities.

Now thousands strong,

Bloggin’ Mamas serves as a representative of mom bloggers. Negotiating deals with brands, offering local community events and support groups. We provide training, mentoring and resources to help our members build their blogging craft into micro-media companies. Today, bloggers not only write blog posts, but they are mastering photography, photo editing, video production, social media marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, advertising, email marketing, sales and a whole host of other topic areas.

Now imagine being able to target a local blogger campaign in key markets like LA, NYC and Miami, and then scale it nationally throughout the US? Imagine working with a company that handles all aspects of your blogger outreach including the graphic design and press releases? Now imagine that company has worked with numerous Fortune 500 Companies and nationally-known brands, and has hard evidence to back up its track record? And now imagine that this company did this for a fraction of what a traditional marketing company would charge? Imagine all of those things and you’ve got Bloggin’ Mamas!

Let us take care of your marketing and promotional needs without breaking the bank.