Project Description

In Sep­tem­ber 2015, Blog­gin’ Mamas orga­nized and host­ed a bilin­gual Twit­ter Par­ty to pro­mote the Care Bears #ShareY­our­Care Day nation­al hol­i­day. We uti­lized the #ShareY­our­Care hash­tag. Care Bears spon­sored Care Bears pro­mo­tion­al items as prizes.


We achieved the fol­low­ing results:


  • 29,847,873 Time­line Deliveries/Impressions.
  • 1,647,608  Reach.
  • Eight (8) Pre-Chat Blog­posts with Social Media Ampli­fi­ca­tion.
  • 4,640 Tweets.
  • 82% of Tweets were @Mentions or RT’s= High Engage­ment Rate.
  • 996 Tweets with Media (Pictures/ Videos).
  • 268 Con­trib­u­tors.
  • 223 RSVP’s.


In addi­tion to the above, the #ShareY­our­Care hash­tag trend­ed #3 in the US, and trend­ed again in the US at #10 at the end of the par­ty.  We were also respon­si­ble for about ⅔ of the total tweets and impres­sions for this hash­tag over the 5 day peri­od pre­ced­ing and includ­ing the par­ty.