Project Description

In February 2015, Blog­gin’ Mamas orga­nized and hosted
a bilin­gual Twit­ter Party to launch its sister site,
I Love Family Travel.
We uti­lized the #FamilyTravelChat hash­tag.

We pro­duced ten (10) Pre-Chat Blog­posts with
Social Media Ampli­fi­ca­tion.

The Twit­ter Party itself produced:

  • 43,797,096 Time­line Deliveries/Impressions.
  • 779,436 Reach.
  • 3,870 Tweets.
  • 195 Tweets with Media (Pictures/ Videos).
  • 176 Con­trib­u­tors.
  • 122 RSVP’s.

If you include pre-promotion 3 days prior leading into
the party, we achieved 49,555,580 Impressions with a
reach of 1,242,915.