Project Description

In December 2014, Bloggin’ Mamas coordinated a sponsored post campaign on behalf of the Close5 app. Close5 sought to target very distinct locations near San Diego and the San Francisco Bay area, as the app’s radius for selling is 5 miles from any user’s phone. Close5 also sought original content regarding Close5 and review of the app’s functions, U/X, seller experience and buyer experience.


Here are the results of the campaign:

  • 10 Blogposts
  • 1 Recruiter Post on Bloggin’ Mamas
  • 65,180 Unique Visitors
  • 118,708 Unique Pageviews
  • 11 Tweets- 61,640 Reach
  • 10 FB Posts- 55,864 Reach
  • 1 Pinterest Pin- 4100 Reach