Client: Cirque Italia

Things to Know:

For Florida-

Beginning in 2017, Cirque Italia, the first traveling Water Circus, introduced a second unit, the Gold Unit: a luxurious experience where technology and preforming arts are mixed to create a one-of-a-kind show. Now for 2018, a brand-new performance has been created.

This new performance will feature an ultra-modern water curtain that controls every droplet of water meticulously. Audience members can expect to see words and beautiful patterns as the water falls to the ‘lagoon’ below. Cirque Italia is ready to provide a breathtaking experience. This new stage by itself is enough to amaze the most demanding audience, and synchronized with the most creative display of superhuman talent – the result is simply out of this world!

The latest trends of the industry are challenged with every Cirque Italia appearance and this 2nd unit is not going to be any different. A careful casting selection has united the best artists from all over the world. This production will feature acts all the way from Russia to Mexico. Cirque Italia believes in multi-culturalism as one of our strongest assets.

This new second unit also follows the same strict animal-free policy that makes the Water Circus stand out from other circus entertainment shows.

For Texas-

The shows in Texas will be with the Silver Unit. What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Aquatic Spectacular”? Water, entertainment, excitement……? You can expect all these things and so much more from the brand new themed Cirque Italia production with its perfectly fitting new title. After six years of enhancements, a rigorous casting selection, and countless performances nationwide, this newest form of Cirque Italia’s innovative and unique “traveling circus” spectacular production is set to be its finest to date.

Aquatic Spectacular came to life all thanks to its imaginative creator Manuel Rebecchi, along with invaluable direction and production management by Chanté DeMoustes. Cirque Italia’s brand-new theme show is an artistic blend of human abilities, technology and the element of water. This one-of-a-kind production combines water fountains, jet-skis, pirates, and more in a fun filled atmosphere all ages are sure to enjoy.

More info about these shows can be found here:

Cirque Italia (CI) wishes to engage moms living in Texas and Florida, specifically located near . CI would like to engage mom bloggers in these markets to promote the events to their local readers. CI wishes them to promote via a pre-written announcement blog post and social media in advance of each event, social posts during the event and a post-event review to be used to market to future tour stops. The breakdown will be the following: Sanford 2 bloggers, Jacksonville 2 bloggers, Tallahassee 2 bloggers, Katy 2 bloggers, and Hurst 4 bloggers.


March 2018

Gold Unit

Sanford March 8-11, 2018

Jacksonville March 15-18, 2018

Tallahassee March 22-25, 2018

Silver Unit

Katy March 1-4, 2018

Hurst March 9-12 & 15-18, 2018

Pre-Written Announcement Post Time­frame:
Sanford- Due 2/28/18
Jacksonville- Due 3/7/18
Tallahassee- Due 3/14/18
Katy- Due 2/21/18
Hurst- Due 2/28/18
Post-Event Blog Post Due:
Sanford- Due 3/14/18
Jacksonville- Due 3/21/18
Tallahassee- Due 3/28/18
Katy- Due 3/7/18
Hurst- Due 3/14/18

Blog­ger Respon­si­bil­i­ties:

  • Post one (1) pre-event announcement to their blog at least one (1) week prior to event- timing permitted. (A pre-written announcement with images will be provided to them. They may customize this post to reflect their voice.)
  • Post a minimum of two (2) times to social media prior to live event, promoting to their local audience.
  • Attend their assigned live event.
  • Post to social media during the live event, with a minimum of three (3) posts.
  • Post a post-event blog post to be published by no later than Wednesday following their assigned event. Post is required to be 300 words or more in length, with at least 2 images from the event. (Content that can be utilized in posts will be provided to blogger.) Post event blog post will be utilized to market for the next weekend’s shows or future tour stops.
  • Disclose that the posts are compensated as per FTC guidelines.
  • Report to Heather Lopez Enterprises LLC, their urls/ links to sponsored post and social media links.

Blog­ger Com­pen­sa­tion: Up to $305. ($100 + 4 Tickets to the Show valued between $100 and $200 for the set + $5 parking when applicable)

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Disclosure: Bloggin’ Mamas is being compensated for managing this sponsored post campaign.