Client: PanaceaPGX

Things to Know:

We are working with PanaceaPGX to promote their PGX testing. miGene™ is based on pharmacogenetics-the study of how genetic makeup affects a person’s response to medicine. As a leader in Personalized Medicine, PanaceaPGX offers a wide range of testing solutions to help both the patient and physician determine which is the right drug and the right dose for you. miGene™ is the cornerstone of personalized medicine. Determining how well you metabolize medication raises chances of a positive outcome and reduces possible adverse drug related reactions. miGene™ conveys a blueprint to how your body’s unique molecular characteristics and distinctions allow it to process medication. Your physician will have the data necessary to custom tailor the management of medications that are the best alternatives for you.

PanaceaPGX wishes to engage US-based mom consumers, especially the moms (or moms with children) who have health or disability concerns. An example might be a mom whose child has been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.  Bloggers would be requested to either take the test themselves or have the test administered for someone in their family, such as their child. Ten (10) bloggers monthly for six (6) months, up to 60 bloggers total, will be selected to feature this testing. as determined by the client.  The testing is valued at approximately $799, and blogger will also receive monetary compensation for the sponsored post.

If one or more of the following criteria applies to your medical management, then you should consider pharmacogenetic testing:

  • Uses two or more prescribed medications
  • Has had adverse drug related reactions (ADR)
  • Doesn’t feel their medication is working effectively
  • Concerned about making a change in medication
  • Candidate for Antiplatelet, Anticoagulant, Statin Rx
  • ACS-PCI, Warfarin initiation, Simvastatin/ Atorvastatin Rx
  • Unstable INR, bleeding, thrombotic event, muscle weakness
  • Effient, Brilinta, Pradaxa, Xarelto Rx
  • Has a history of heart attack or stent replacement
  • Candidate for Opioid Rx
  • Opioid ADR, sub-optimal response, high dose requirement
  • Side effects to NSAIDs, muscle relaxers, triptans, considering switch to patch
  • Abnormal opioid UDT Experiences chronic pain
  • Candidate for Psychotropic Rx
  • Dx Depression, Treatment Resistant Depression, psychosis Psychotropic ADR or sub optimal response
  • More than 1 psychotropic Rx
  • Treatment resistant, uncontrolled, hospital admission in past 6 months
  • Is depressed or has treatment-resistant depression

Please note that this testing and process is HIPAA compliant, and PanaceaPGX does not sell your information to pharmaceutical companies. Your results are confidential to you.

Timeframe: TBD based on when blogger receives the testing kit, returns the kit and receives the results.  Blogger will be given two (2) weeks to post from when they receive the test results.

Blogger Responsibilities:

1.) Complete, or have a family member complete, the PanaceaPGX testing process as outlined by the client. This would include completing an order form, going through a pre- and post-testing interview, and any other necessary processes required.
2.) Write a minimum of one (1) sponsored blogposts adhering to the brand guidelines provided by the client. Post is required to be 400 words or more in length, contain at least one active hyperlink/ UTM link to the PanaceaPGX website, and with at least three (3) images. Blogger will have two weeks from receipt of testing results to post to their blog & social media platforms.
3.) Amplify the sponsored posts via FB x 2 and Twitter x 2.
4.) Disclose that the posts are compensated as per FTC guidelines.
5.) Report to Heather Lopez Enterprises LLC, their urls/ links to sponsored post and social media amplifications.
6.) Invoice Heather Lopez Enterprises LLC for their payment.

Blogger Compensation: $125 + one test valued at approx $799 per blogger.

Accepting applications on a rolling basis through May 31st, 2018.

Apply here: