Client: RedBike

Things to Know:

While traditional spinning studios aim to simulate the outdoor riding experience while bringing it indoors, RedBike’s 45-minute full-body workout takes riders on a wild ride focusing on legs and core as well as incorporating upper body movements. High-energy instructors combine music, lighting and other special elements through dance-inspired choreography in an intimate and energizing environment, adding a yoga-based mental component of spirituality and inspirational coaching resulting in a complete mind-body workout. The driving force behind RedBike is to provide a 360-degree approach to fitness: one that compliments the physical and spiritual journey riders go on with an organic juice and smoothie bar and an on-site nutritionist to help clients reach their fitness and health goals. At RedBike, they go far beyond the workout. Their goal is to foster a community of riders that strive and sweat together as a team.

Timeframe:  10/19/17

Blogger Responsibilities:

  1. Share a FB Live Post from the RedBike FB page to your own FB page once, while it is Live. Live Event will be held 10/19/17 at 8p ET. FB Live post will go live sometime between 8pm and 9pm ET. The FB Live will be posted to the RedBike FB page, and blogger will need to share their post to their own FB page.
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Blogger Compensation: $50

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