Raise your hand if you love the Disney Store! Now raise your hand if you like saving money! You probably have your hands raised right? Well, recently we were given a chance to try out TopCashback to shop online at the Disney Store. This site offers both vetted discounts codes, as well as cash back for making online purchases from tons of stores and sites, such as the Disney Store, Amazon, eBay and even Groupon.
We here at Bloggin’ Mamas are Disney fans, so this was a perfect opportunity for us to take advantage of. Personally, I am a huge Star Wars fanatic. I decided to hone in on some of the Star Wars things I would love to try out, and put TopCashback’s money-saving abilities to the test.
I selected 15 Star Wars items to add to my cart from the many, many items that were available.
If I did not use any codes or receive any cashback, the total would’ve been $666.80.
Using the 2 codes that were revealed on the TopCashback site, the total dropped down to $528.38.
But, it doesn’t stop there as I also would have 5% cashback coming into my TopCashback account. This would work out to about $24.69, meaning the total would essentially be $503.69. That’s a savings of $163.11!
When you set-up your account, be sure to set-up either your PayPal account or bank account information in there as it can take 72 hours before you can cash out your money from when you make any account changes. You can see below that I had $50 in the account, and then claimed it. It took a few days for it to come through into my bank account. It should be noted that you can’t use the cashback funds as currency. You must withdraw it to your PayPal account or direct deposit it into your bank account in order to use it.
TopCashback also has a friend referral reward program that will give your friend $15 and you’ll get $15 too for getting them to sign-up. (That offer expires 9/18/17, but I see them offer various rewards for referring others.) In the meantime, you can use our referral link to sign-up: www.topcashback.com/join-us/bmamas
Disclosure: We received a credit in our account to facilitate this website feature. All opinions expressed are our own.