Client: The Feeling Buddies for Families Toolkit (by Conscious Discipline)

Things to Know:

The HOME EDITION: Feeling Buddies for Families Toolkit is a newly released product from Conscious Discipline, a leading provider in social-emotional learning and classroom management resources. This
Self-Regulation toolkit is exclusively available for purchase at

The Toolkit is inspired by the best selling CLASSROOM EDITION: Feeling Buddies Self-Regulation Toolkit, which has consistently brought about transformational results in schools, even with hard-to-reach and special needs students.

The kit was reimagined for home use, and includes content and resources that present a framework for
self-regulation for adults and children. The kit also includes access to six video coaching sessions with the creator and Conscious Discipline founder, Dr. Becky Bailey. Although Conscious Discipline is widely recognized by educators, general consumers and parents are likely less familiar with the brand.

Ten bloggers will be selected to receive this toolkit and become mama’bassadors to promote it to their audiences.


Time­frame: Decem­ber 9, 2017 through March 31st, 2017. Toolkits will be mailed out immediately in December. The first posts will go live after January 4th, 2017.

Mama’Bassador Respon­si­bil­i­ties

1.)   Post Three (3) Spon­sored Posts, uti­liz­ing mes­sage points/ con­tent pro­vid­ed by the client.

2.)   Ampli­fy each spon­sored post via FB and Twit­ter at least two (2) times, tag­ging client’s media prop­er­ties on Twit­ter and uti­liz­ing a cam­paign hash­tag (We under­stand that FB now requires ver­i­fi­ca­tion to tag the client, so we no longer require this). Insta­gram, Pin­ter­est and Youtube shares will be encour­aged, but not required.

3.) Serve as a a co-host for Two (2) Twit­ter Chats, includ­ing post­ing Two (2) posts that will be pre-writ­ten for Twit­ter Chat Pro­mo­tion. Co-hosts do not have script­ed lines. They attend and engage with the audi­ence and oth­er co-hosts.

4.)   Dis­close that the posts are com­pen­sat­ed as per FTC guide­li­nes.

5.)   Report to Heather Lopez Enter­pris­es LLC, their urls/ links to spon­sored post and social media ampli­fi­ca­tions.

Blog­ger Com­pen­sa­tion: $500 + the $99 Toolkit per blog­ger x 10 blog­gers. (There will be a mid-cam­paign pay­ment of $250 and a end of cam­paign pay­ment of $250).

Select­ed blog­gers will be noti­fied by Wednesday, Decem­ber 14th, 2016. Toolkits will be mailed out quickly.

Apply here: